The 7 most important tech newsletters you should subscribe to in 2021!

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Blogs, RSS feeds, videos, news, podcast… The flood of information continues! The trick is to tap the good and relevant sources. Easier said than done, given the amount of information — reason enough to give one or two “safe sources” here.

And yes, I know… there are a lot of newsletters out there. If I read them all, I wouldn’t get to my much desired Inbox Zero. But the trick is simple: subscribe very selectively and unsubscribe when needed!

So here are my recommendations for 2021

Other Valleys
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The Other Valleys ventures into the tech world outside of the Valley we know. Curated by Anjali Ramachandran, the newsletter offers an exciting look at the emerging tech scene outside the usual ecosystem. With a focus on India and the Asian continent, but also with innovation stories from all over Africa and Europe. In addition, as a pleasant change of pace…. Women in tech often take center stage here.

The Download — MIT Technology Review
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The Download from MIT’s Technology Review provides an exciting look at the emerging tech world. The tagline is literally, “What’s up in emerging technology?”

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A recommended tech newsletter with skillfully curated news, tools and cutting-edge tech links. All in a nutshell.

Benedict Evans
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My personal favorite! An excitingly compiled newsletter by Benedict Evans. Meanwhile, the newsletter is also available in the Premium Edition as a paid version.

Abundance Insider — Peter Diamandis
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If you want to learn more about disruptive future technologies and exponential business models, Peter Diamandis Abundance Insider should not be missing in your inbox.

Exponential View by Azeem Azhar
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Exciting tech newsletter compiled by Azeem Azhar from the editorial board of Harvard Business Review. An investor in tech startups with a special interest in Artificial Intelligence. The newsletter comes with a nice dose of humor.

Bizarro Devs
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Want to be cool as those techies? Then Bizarro Devs is just the thing. The newsletter curates exciting topics on web culture and tech. The whole point of the newsletter is to find the coolest and (sometimes) most obscure links…. Coolness guaranteed!

— -

Choose your sources carefully! — Do you also have exciting newsletters which you would like to recommend? Linklists or similar? Feel free to post the links in the comments. Thank you.

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Head of Marketing Strategy & Development at Swisscom — Lecturer for Digital Marketing & Mobile Business —

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Milos Radovic

Milos Radovic

Head of Marketing Strategy & Development at Swisscom — Lecturer for Digital Marketing & Mobile Business —

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