Milos Radovic


  • Remote-UX


    UX Design through functionality, metrics and simplicity. Currently available for UX projects or to strenghten your UX team

  • Riz


    Los Angeles, CA🌴 📚AUTHOR | 🎤SPEAKER | 💸INVESTOR | MUSICIAN <> We Help Individuals, Businesses (& YOU) Grow Their Instagram Pages Into MILLION DOLLAR BRANDS.

  • Impossible Labs

    Impossible Labs

    Innovation group and incubator. We use design and technology to solve social and environmental issues.

  • Campfire


    Digitale Kreativagentur für Strategie, Kommunikation, Marketing und Digital Storytelling im Bereich Websites, Shops und Kampagnen.

  • Twilert


    Twitter search alerts by email.

  • Karin Mathys

    Karin Mathys

    Mobile, Banking, Loyalty, Payment, Travel, Customer Experience/Experience Management

  • Michael Christensen

    Michael Christensen

    With more than 20 years in tech — now I am writing about various topics. Affilliate links are added in some articles. Love tech and love to help people.

  • Harald Felgner

    Harald Felgner

    Encouraging to cross boundaries: IT vs #Marketing, local vs global, from #Agile to #Innovation. #AI #IoT #CX #UX #BX @AXA. My opinions are my own.

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