The Road To Success & Alberto Calcagno’s ways to Exercise Your Courage Muscle

Ever asked yourself what a successful company is made of? And what the most important aspects for a healthy corporate culture are? Well… Alberto Calcagno might have an answer.

About three weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience Alberto Calcagno on stage. Alberto, the CEO of Fastweb (Swisscom’s italian subsidiary) started with the words “It’s our 25th consecutive quarter of growth”. What followed was a fantastic summary of what I think is a prime example of how success and a success-oriented corporate culture are made.

  1. Innovation — A clearly defined and strategically anchored approach to new technology, and therefore a continuous investment in innovation.
  2. Being different — The ability to dominate the market, to implement things quickly, to try them out and to anchor them strategically, mainly due to pragmatic and quick decisions.
  3. People — Considering people as the most important asset of the company and cultivating a performance-oriented culture.

While these three points are crucial to Fastweb’s success in the last 25 quarters, there is something even more important above all else… it’s courage, or in Alberto’s words: To be the first to do the first jump in the first flying lesson!

But listen and watch it yourself:

Set yourself challenges, take them in small steps, explore your own strengths and weaknesses: Fail, Learn, Improve!

I’m Milos Radovic, Head of Marketing Development at Swisscom.

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