The Road To Success & Alberto Calcagno’s ways to Exercise Your Courage Muscle

Ever asked yourself what a successful company is made of? And what the most important aspects for a healthy corporate culture are? Well… Alberto Calcagno might have an answer.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
  1. Innovation — A clearly defined and strategically anchored approach to new technology, and therefore a continuous investment in innovation.
  2. Being different — The ability to dominate the market, to implement things quickly, to try them out and to anchor them strategically, mainly due to pragmatic and quick decisions.
  3. People — Considering people as the most important asset of the company and cultivating a performance-oriented culture.

I’m Milos Radovic, Head of Marketing Development at Swisscom.

I work. I learn. I write. I teach. I believe there’s always room to improve! Follow me to see more inspirational stories…



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Milos Radovic

Head of Marketing Strategy & Development at Swisscom — Lecturer for Digital Marketing & Mobile Business —